Water Filter – H2O Economy Portable Countertop


This water filter is a fully portable counter top model that is light, compact and economical.

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The PCT Water Filter

A fully portable counter top water filter model that is light, compact and economical. It can be easily installed directly to the tap and disconnected in seconds. All fittings and adaptors provided, including a universal fitting to attach to any tap. Simply unscrew aerator of current tap in your house, and screw in provided fitting which then connects to the provided diverter. This allows one to divert flow of water through the water filter for filtered water, or straight through tap for when wanting unfiltered water eg. washing dishes etc

The water filter can be easily installed directly to the tap and disconnected in seconds.All fittings provided as well as adaptors. Installation guide included. Perfect for those with caravans, boats and motorhomes. Can be used within caravan during peak season, and then moved into home during off season.

The water filter utilises a unique 6-stage GAC/KDF Media for Water FIlters media bed that is specifically designed to remove the chemicals and contaminants found in municipal tap water. See “WHY H2O” section of website for further details.

Pre-sediment water filter can be incorporated with the purifier to protect the purifier from clogging with sand and sediment, and therefore improve the lifespan of the purifier this is at an additional cost of £15 with a lifespan of 24 months. Easy to clean and reuse. Protects main purifier from dirt, rust, sediment and limescale.

This water filter performs best with municipal water. If you have private water supply or water with high levels of sediment, please contact our team to discuss the best option prior to completing your order.



Suitable for:

  • Simple to install
  • Fits most faucets
  • Compact, light and economical
  • Portable
  • Bacteriostatic; Prevents bacteria growth
  • Improves taste
  • Eliminates odours
  • Removes hundreds of contaminants
  • Recommended flow 1.9L/min
  • Expected Maximum Capacity: 6 000lt
  • Average Longevity: 9 – 12 mths
  • Sealed construction
  • 6 Stage filtration & purification
  • Laboratory tested
  • 12 month warranty
  • Includes assorted adapters
  • Low budgets
  • Limited space
  • Traveling
  • Caravan, boats, motorhomes.
  • People who rent housing.

Not Suitable for:

  • Low flow rates
  • Non-municipal water
  • Removal of salty taste
  • Rural towns


We are based in Milton Keynes and supply to the whole of the UK.


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